Client Testimonials

Dear Pat,

Without your “friendly persuasion” (and Brenda & Marilyn’s) and keeping me on “hold file,” I would probably still be muddling along.  And oh yes, the pep talks when needed.

You inspire trust, confidence and friendly professionalism with a no nonsense attitude.  All of which made Steve and I feel very comfortable and confident.  We knew you wouldn’t let anything weird get by.

Thank you for being a friend throughout. Thank you for being the best.

Sylvia & Steve


Dear Mr. Josepher,

This letter is to express our delight and satisfaction with our experience in recently purchasing a home. After dealing with so many real estate reprobates, it was certainly refreshing to meet with such a high caliber individual as Pat Lister. She was the consummate professional – courteous, affable, and pleasant. I felt that Pat’s best quality was her ability to convey the message that she had our best interests in mind. I concluded this from an experience that I want to share with you. We have viewed a home which we wanted to purchase with the derelicts at First Team before engaging in a disagreement. After meeting with Pat, we communicated our interest and desire to make an offer on this property. To my absolute, unequivocal amazement, she suggest that we could probably do better. Imagine the amount of time that she could have saved by concurring with our desires. It was at this point that the realization that I had “struck gold” materialized. No matter what transpired from this point on, both Lisa and I were comforted in that we were dealing with an honest real estate agent who would not attempt to take advantage of us. That is such an increadible relief with all the stress involved in home buying.

Pat’s intelligence provided her with the ability to convey and simplify complex jargon into understandable terms. She constantly kept us appraised of every detail. This provided us with the feeling that she was keeping on top of everything. Lastly, as a show of gratitude to us, Pat invited us to a “congratulatory homebuyer’s party.” As we were departing from the festivities, Pat handed us a check for $300 as a gift showing her appreciation!

Again, I wanted to emphasize our extreme satisfaction with Pat’s service. From our perspective, it is certainly a positive reflection on your company and the individuals that you employ. On a satisfaction scale of 1-100, we give pat an unequivocal rating of 100!

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Wright


The Summit Real Estate Group Manager,

I first talked with Pat Lister 1 year before we, my husband and I decided to sell our home. We were getting ready to retire and there were, of course, many decisions to be made.

Pat kept in touch with me throughout that year and her calls were always, friendly, full of hints and advice and non pushy which endeared her to me and she in fact became a friend.

When we were ready and did in fact retire, we called pat and that call was the best part of selling our home. She kept everything on track and kept track of everything.

We had a very interested buyer but he had demands that were unreal. Pat handled all these demands with extremely good grace she allowed those things that didn’t cost the price of a new home and brought the buyer back to reality without incurring either his wrath or losing the sale.

Our Buyers Agent was a very hostile and difficult personality. Pat can only be highly commended for her stalwart professionalism in the face of such adversity.

Pat has truly lived up to her initial representation of herself and her company. We still call her our friend


Edward and Betsy Ellis


Dear Sir or Madam,

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation for a job well done by one of your member realtors, Pat Lister. We listed our condo with her in August while on a visit to California, and she very ably took care of everything. I can say that not only did she handle the routing aspects of the sale, but she also went quite beyond the call of duty in taking care of the various little problems that come up in every sale. Her gracious, cooperative, and generous attitude is something that we feel should be recognized and applauded in this day of something harried and frenzied business dealing

There would be no hesitation on our part in recommending Pat to anyone wanting to buy or sell property in California


William and Stanella Delgado


Dear Pat

How do I ever thank you.  Your caring and thoughtfulness made me a Home Owner.  Thank’s for watching out for me every step of the way.  You’re the greatest.